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Fiberbuilt has been the golf industry’s leading brand for premium artificial turf hitting mat surfaces since 1995 for a reason. Trusted by 5,000 driving ranges in the world, Fiberbuilt Golf Mats provide commercial-grade that is now accessible to a home golf simulator and launch monitor users. Providing the feel of real grass, Fiberbuilt Mats are the only artificial surface that allows you to hit down and through the surface.

Fiberbuilt Grass has been proven to be the most realistic, safest and most durable artificial hitting surface on the market. It is made from a special blend of monofilaments engineered for strength and durability and has been Ironman tested to withstand over 300,000 swings before beginning to show wear. (Conventional turf mats show extreme wear after 10,000 hits.)

Low-friction fibers avoid grabbing or twisting the club on iron swings, while fairway woods and hybrids sweep through the grass for pure ball contact. This yields accurate launch angles and ball spin with no clubhead bounce.

To identify the industry’s most realistic hitting surface, we compared Fiberbuilt hitting grass with a standard fairway and conventional turf mats. We observed top-level amateur and professional players’ moment of impact with a Phantom high-speed ballistic camera (22,000 frames per second) as well as 5 key ball flight factors (Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, and Spin Rate) with Trackman technology.

On every single measure, Fiberbuilt’s club-turf interaction clearly performed closer to fairway grass than a conventional turf mat.