HomeCourse Mounting Kit for simulator screen

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HomeCourse Mounting Kit is made for installation for the HomeCourse Pro Net ONLY.

This kit is made for easy installation on ceilings that are 9 feet tall or taller

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HomeCourse Mounting Kit for the simulator screen is the perfect addition to your Home Course golf simulator screen. It makes golfing anytime even easier and more convenient.

HomeCourse Mounting Kit

Simply mount the Home Course simulator screen to the wall and turn your living room or spare bedroom into a golf practice facility in seconds. Done Golfing? Simply press the button on the included remote and the Home Course simulator screen retracts back into its holder on the wall. It’s that simple!

HomeCourse Kit Requirements

If you are looking to mount your HomeCourse Simulator Screen to a wall then this is required. These brackets give you the required distance from the wall that you need and give you even more living area when you are not using the simulator screen.

If your ceiling is 9 feet tall or taller then this mounting kit is recommended. With the mounting kit, the home course simulator screen simply retracts back into its sleek home. Giving you space back in your home, office, garage, or basement.

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