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Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is a very unique golf launch monitor and is rapidly changing how golfers get their data. A few things that make the Rapsodo MLM different is its ability to capture and record your golf swing and the flight of the ball.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

This is a completely different approach than most other launch monitors on the market, MLM even gives you the ability to share your swing and ball flight directly on social media. Rapsodo’s innovative technique quickly captured the attention of large publications everywhere and since its launch in August has already become the official golf launch monitor of Golf Digest.

Launch Monitor Tracks

  • Shot Distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Head Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction
  • Shot Shape

Watch Your Swing and Shot Shape

The revolutionary design of the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor gives it the ability to record your swing and your ball’s shot shape. The ability to see your golf swing is where the change really takes place. Without seeing your golf swing it’s hard to tell what changes really need to be made. Now, with the MLM you can track your ball flight as well as see each swing. Rapsodo even gives you the ability to share your swing and ball flight to your favorite social media platform! Analyze your ball flight and compare your flight to the pros!

Satellite Range Mapping

With Rapsodo’s new Satellite Range Mapping feature you can see exactly where your ball lands. This feature uses your phone’s GPS system to accurately map exactly where your ball lands and shows your target line. Now you can accurately gauge exactly how close you are to your target and see shot dispersion with each club in your bag.

Smart Club Recognition

With Smart Club Recognition, another feature exclusively on the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor, changing clubs is easy. No need to stop what you’re doing or change club tags. Simply tap the changing club on your device and show your device the new club, that’s it! This makes practice time more efficient so you can swing the club and analyze your data later.

Bag Mapping

With Rapsodo’s Bag Mapping feature, you can easily decide on which club to hit on the course. Visualize your ball flight on the distance map and easily see averages for each club in your bag. Hit more greens with accurately mapped data of each and every club in your bag.

Shot Library

With the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor App, you can easily view your last 100 shots, video playback, and the numbers. You can view even more with the Rapsodo Pro Subscription, simply sign up through the App! This gives golfers an unprecedented ability to view their history and track their progress with each and every club in their bag.

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